WAN Network Solutions

Do you have multiple sites that need efficient and reliable communications between them?

As your business grows and expands, simple Internet connections are not enough to gain the necessary communications to keep things running.

If your business has multiple sites that need to communicate with each other or back to your head office or data centre then you’ll need to implement a Wide Area Network.

There are many different ways to achieve this depending on your requirements and budget, from simple point-to-point VPN using your own routers or Private Managed IP WAN’s using MLPS technology.

Give us a call if you’re introducing other locations in your business and you need to setup communications or if you already have communications between your sites and feel they are letting you down.
Our WAN specialist can review your requirements and come up with some quality options for achieving your objectives.

We’ll be able to point out the pros and cons for any solution allowing you to make an informed decision.
In coordination with our networking partners, networking engineers and project managers we’ll migrate you over to the new services.

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