Regular On-site IT Support


IT environments require regular maintenance and support to ensure they run reliably. P2P Computer Services have a great deal of experience in this area and can help you with yours.

There are multiple ways to administer regular maintenance and it’s rarely a case of one-size fits all.

For businesses that prefer to have first-hand contact with their IT Support we recommend our Regular On-site IT Support Program.

How does it work ?

One of our engineers will attend your location on a regular scheduled basis and go over a specific checklist of required IT tasks tailored to your systems.

In addition to conducting routine maintenance and administration our engineer will also take care of any other IT issues or tasks that are required.

Do you have a new PC or notebook that requires set up, or a user that needs some assistance? We are there to help.

Types of tasks completed during a visit are:

  • Check general servers and network health
  • Check servers disk space, error log files, UPS and hardware
  • Ensure backups are running correctly
    * Verifying your backups is critical. We have been called in to assist at many sites were backups were not performed correctly. This was only discovered when something needed to be recovered. Don’t fall into this trap. The best way to check your backups is to do what you’d do in the event of any data loss – restore the data.  We do this for you regularly.
  • Check Antivirus software
  • Perform routine administration tasks and update documentation
  • Ensure servers and workstations service packs and patch levels are up to date
  • General problem resolution
  • Assist users with day-to-day IT related challenges
  • Assist in IT planning tasks
    * In all instances – appropriate action is taken where needed.

Our engineers will provide you with a report of how you system is tracking and of any concerns that may need addressing in the short or long term.

We know that for this service to be cost effective and provide maximum benefit it needs to be a well-structured and organised process.

We have modified this process over time and continue to adjust it as the IT industry evolves and changes.

As our engineers have a great deal of experience across many different environments, industries and platforms they will often recommend improvements in your IT Operations. These will be advised and documented during our visits.

When we manage your environment we also become part of it. We treat your business like our own, and we pride ourselves on making recommendations that are going to return a tangible benefit to your organisation.

We are in the business of building and maintaining relationships.

We hold an impressive portfolio of long-term clients who know we are not in this business for a quick win. We are here to celebrate your victories as well as help you through any large projects or upgrades or general issues you may have.

On time- every time!

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