Microsoft Exchange Server Support

Microsoft Exchange has become the adopted Email server standard for many Australian companies so it’s no coincidence that P2P Computer Services are specialists in the support of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Whether you need to design, implement, migrate or have a problem with your Exchange environment rest assured P2P Computer Services have the experience to assist you.

The earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange did have their issues however the recent version is solid and reliable provided they are installed and designed correctly.

We have a great deal of experience with Microsoft Exchange and know the pitfalls to avoid and how to configure Exchange properly even the less common complex configuration that is so often misconfigured.
Our configurations are in accordance with Microsoft’s best practices and have been well proven over time across our many implementations.

P2P Computer Services have extensive experience with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and Exchange 2013.

If you need assistance with your Microsoft Exchange Environment contact us for an obligation free discussion on helping you with your Microsoft Exchange Environment.

Hosted Exchange

If your email server is due for upgrade or replacement, a hosted (Cloud) Exchange service may be a favourable option for you. P2P Computer Services experience with both on-premises and hosted Exchange can help you make an informed decision on whether hosted is Exchange is for you.

If you decide to move to Hosted Exchange P2P Computer Services can migrate your on-premises mail solution to the Cloud, either entirely or in Hybrid configuration allowing both on-premises and Cloud Exchange for gradual migration.

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