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Not everything can or should go to the Cloud just yet which is why you might have heard of the term: “Hybrid”.

This means that you still have a server in your business to do some of the heavy lifting but you also have some of your solutions in the Cloud. A good example of this is running your ERP or Finance systems in-house with your email and intranet in the Cloud.

Currently this is the most popular Cloud Model for corporate business.

With Hybrid Cloud , you evaluate each system and service as deploy. Work out the Pros and Cons for this system of moving to Cloud and or not and where it make sense to move the Cloud you do so .

What goes to the Cloud, and what stays?

To help you decide which parts to keep in-house and which parts to migrate to the Cloud, consider the following:

  • Capability of the technology - If the Cloud technology now offers all of the features you require for a particular application then Cloud is a real consideration. There are many technologies that are not yet ready for Cloud.
  • Perception of security - Does the Cloud provider meet your requirements for security, privacy and data sovereignty? Only put data into the Cloud if you are confident that it is protected.
  • Cost of implementation - Will adopting the Cloud solution have an impact on the implementation cost or could it reduce the need for investment in internal infrastructure?
  • Cost of management - To really assess the value of a Cloud solution it is best to consider its costs over a 4-year period and compare that with the cost of an in-house, server-based alternative.  Although many Cloud solutions keep getting cheaper as more people use them, this will not always be the case. Use today’s price as a baseline for comparing the costs.

As mention previously no one system fits all so in some cases it may not make sense for your business to move a particular system to the Cloud at this point thus you may choose to deploy in premise.

In a essence you are getting the best of both worlds . At this point we rarely see any company move everything to Cloud rather a split of on premise and cloud , mostly on premise.

As time goes we expect the Cloud split will increase and probably over take on Premise on average.
There are many factors to consider when evaluating a system for Cloud deployment. People2People are experts at evaluating these factors.

If you’re planning to implement a new service in your environment and wondering whether you should move it to the cloud give People2People a call , we’d be happy to assist you make the right call.

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