What is Cloud Computing ?

In broad terms Cloud Computing is utilising a service where you do not host on your own premises. Amongst some of the benefits- you save time and costs by not having to set up these servers yourself and you are able to share services easily by hosting them at a central location accessible by your users.

Cloud Computing is gaining popularity mainly by :

  • Simplifying the deployment of services and systems
  • Reducing support costs as complex system do not need to be maintained in-house
  • Allowing the service offered to easily grow or reduce as demand dictates
  • Simplifying software licensing as you pay as required on a per user basis

Not all Cloud Services offer these benefits and like many services no one solution fits all. It is important to obtain the right advice before making any changes.

P2P Computer Services are able to offer this advice with our years of experience managing on premises systems and with many of our clients moving systems over to the Cloud. We are familiar with the technology and have aligned ourselves with partners that offer the best services. There are multiple types of Cloud Computing; each has its benefits and uses.

Click below for an overview of some Cloud scenarios.
Please read on to see if any of these suit your environment.


Hybrid Cloud is having a mix of standard on premises services and Cloud services.
Currently this is the most popular Cloud Model for corporate business.
Hosted Exchange , hosted SharePoint or CRM ?  The key differentiator for SaaS is that all parts of the system are hosted and managed by the provider. This means you are not responsible for setting up, purchasing or maintaining any part of the system.Read...


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