Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Private Cloud is the outsourcing of your server capabilities, networking equipment and software licensing as a service.

These servers are hosted in the Cloud and are then available for you to run your own software to host the services you need.

You can purchase the server capacity you require and specify how many servers, how much storage, CPU, RAM operating system and so on.

You have the option to scale up or scale down as demand dictates.

The systems are fully maintained for you in terms of hardware however you still maintain and control and are responsible for the software that is installed on the servers (as per an on premises installation).

Key benefits :

  • No large upfront capital hardware costs, you are charged a monthly fee based on the server capacity used
  • Servers become an operational expense rather than capital one
  • Add new servers or remove redundant servers easily via an online portal
  • Upgrade server, storage, RAM, CPU easily via the portal
  • SLA backed services
  • No need to worry about things like hardware maintenance, repair, rack space or power


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